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Tawa 99 Ranch Fremont
Fremont, Ca

Client: Tawa California Market Inc.
Facts: Market & Food Halls

Description: ADC renovated a 51,000 sf space to combine two major programs; a full size grocery store and a food hall. Located in Fremont CA, the 99 Ranch Market consists of full hot deli, bakery, and seafood kitchen that borders a multi-tenant dining experience or “food hall.” Once you finish shopping the market you can relax anywhere along the uniquely crafted dining space that meanders through 7 different craft kitchens and featured bar. Monochromatic materials regularize the kitchen spaces, allowing natural wood paneling accents to stand out. ADC provided selection of furniture, custom graphics and food service design.

About ADC: Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) is a Top 30 Architecture Firm and “Fastest Growing Architecture Firm in Orange County” servicing clients nationwide offering multi-disciplinary architectural, planning and interior design services. ADC has active projects in 20 states specializing in mixed-use, residential, retail, and commercial projects. Collectively the team brings a wide range of expertise across many design related disciplines.

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