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The Beacon
Carlsbad, CA

Client: Linwood Ventures
Facts: Shopping Center Façade Renovation & Dining Plazas

Description: Architecture Design Collaborative worked with The Beacon in Carlsbad, California to renovate the 123,000 s.f. outdoor shopping center and reposition it as a luxury retail center. The existing buildings underwent major renovation, with façade and tenant improvements, as well as a site overhaul. The improvements include a walkway plaza leading to retail, restaurants, and 30,000 s.f. of office space that overlooks the ocean.

About ADC: Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) is a Top 30 Architecture Firm and “Fastest Growing Architecture Firm in Orange County” servicing clients nationwide offering multi-disciplinary architectural, planning and interior design services. ADC has active projects in 20 states specializing in mixed-use, residential, retail, and commercial projects. Collectively the team brings a wide range of expertise across many design related disciplines.

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