Ryan McAndrew


Ryan McAndrew joined Architectural Design Collaborative in 2022 as the Principal responsible for retail project design and shopping center renovations. Throughout his career, Ryan has held executive positions with International Developers and Retailers.

As such, Ryan is an accomplished design and delivery professional with vast experience in shopping center development, retail store development, and restaurant development both across the country and abroad. His wealth of experience has been a huge asset to Architectural Design Collaborative, and he has already played an integral role in several projects at our firm. 

Ryan brings a balanced approach of creative design vision, customer experience focus, and business acumen to implement brand strategy effectively. He loves architecture because it never gets boring, and he has the chance to work on projects that benefit and grow communities and create physical spaces for people to experience with and in which they can spend time with loved ones. 

Learn more about Ryan in his ADC all star feature article here.

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