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Each member of our team brings creativity, innovative ideas, and passion to the table. Get to know the people who make our designs possible.


True innovation and creativity in design is a group effort! Meet the team behind the dynamic designs

We are proud of the working environment we have created and those who embody it. The architecture design collaborative team loves coming to work in a space that allows their inspiration to guide their designs.

Meet the team behind our industry-leading, award-winning architecture design services to learn what sets us apart as a top architecture firm in California.

ADC Stats at a glance

ADC Stats at a glance


overall favorite choice of color

(top 3: blue, red, black)


combined number of different pets

(top 3: dog, cat, bird)


total number of U.S. states traveled to

(top 3: Illinois, Nevada, California)


combined number of siblings


total number of languages spoken

(top 3: English, Spanish, French)

ADC Office Sports


overall most liked sport or outdoor activity

(top 3: basketball, hiking, tennis)


combined number of countries visited

(top 3: Canada, Mexico, Italy)


total cups of coffee drank per week

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