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Is creativity your calling? Are you looking for a workplace you love coming to every day? Do you want to work with interested, like-minded people? You’ve come to the right place.


What it’s like to work at ADC

Architecture Design Collaborative is fueled by culture, connections, and creativity. Our best work happens in a dynamic, innovative environment where we work together to produce dynamic, innovative spaces.

Non Residential Design Process


Not your typical architecture firm

Architecture Design Collaborative succeeds because of our team. Since 2014, we’ve led with passion and refined our talents by innovating in commercial, residential, and mixed-use spaces across the country.

At ADC, we love coming to work, and our industry-leading results show that. ADC creates welcoming, interesting spaces because we are welcoming, interesting people. (And humble!)

ADC Stats at a glance

ADC Stats at a glance


overall favorite choice of color

(top 3: blue, red, black)


combined number of different pets

(top 3: dog, cat, bird)


total number of U.S. states traveled to

(top 3: Illinois, Nevada, California)


combined number of siblings


total number of languages spoken

(top 3: English, Spanish, French)

ADC Office Sports


overall most liked sport or outdoor activity

(top 3: basketball, hiking, tennis)


combined number of countries visited

(top 3: Canada, Mexico, Italy)


total cups of coffee drank per week

Benefits at ADC

Benefits Offered By ADC

Open Positions

Entry-Level Junior Architect Jobs

Are you interested in becoming an architect, getting your gears turning, and producing something real? ADC is the premier firm to launch your architectural design career. We offer competitive pay, benefits, a modern, fulfilling work environment, a culture that values passion and collaboration, and a variety of opportunities with unique clients.

Mid-Level Architectural Designer Jobs

Do you want to feel empowered to be as creative as you’ve always dreamed of being as an architect? ADC offers unrivaled architectural design career opportunities for growth by working with a wide variety of clients. Our dynamic company culture will enable you to experience what attracted you to this field in the first place: the joy of being creative.

Hear About Our Team

Hear About Our Team

Employee Spotlight

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Promoted to Senior Designer

Laguna Hills, CA., Mar. 16, 2023

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