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Kimco Office
Tustin, CA

Client: Kimco Realty
Facts: Commercial tenant improvement (office), ±3,840 sq. ft.

Description: Located at The District of Tustin Legacy, this 3,840 sq. ft. office space was fully renovated by Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) for use by the shopping center staff. Chris Lindholm implemented an open collaborative effort, working closely with the client and consultants to develop a space plan that fit the tenant’s needs. To address the clients’ desire to create a healthy working environment, Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) took the opportunity to use Solatube daylighting devices throughout the space as well as maximize the perimeter glazing for daylighting. This provided energy savings to the client and an enhanced working environment for the staff. In addition to the new layout, new finishes were provided for the office space, vestibules and stairs. Working within the client’s budget, the finish materials selected included Urban Luxury Vinyl flooring, Shaw carpeting, Laminati laminate and Caesarstone solid surfaces. Due to restrictive roof structure clearances, Chris developed a custom ceiling scrim solution, exposed ductwork and slim profile suspended lighting that maximized height of the space.

About ADC: Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) is a Top 30 Architecture Firm and “Fastest Growing Architecture Firm in Orange County” servicing clients nationwide offering multi-disciplinary architectural, planning and interior design services. ADC has active projects in 20 states specializing in mixed-use, residential, retail, and commercial projects. Collectively the team brings a wide range of expertise across many design related disciplines.

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