Concentric Luminance

Concentric Luminance

Facts: Custom Lighting

Description: ADC wanted to design a unique custom lighting element to install beneath the bridges throughout the property. The project needed an element that would not only provide more than adequate light levels but create a consistent design element that the customer would experience throughout the mall. While researching various design inspiration from exterior architecture ADC came across classic garden design. The design has a subtle resemblance to classic geometric gardens you would see in renaissance and formal garden design but transcending the design in modern time. ADC had worked with LEDCONN on other projects and knew they would be a great partner to make this design concept a reality. The custom design incorporated concentric rectangles alternating materials which comprised of wood laminate and fabric light boxes. It was very important that the seams of the design would be almost nonexistent so using LEDCONN’s fabric light boxes was the perfect choice. LEDCONN was able to customize the size so each side of the rectangle was one continuous piece of fabric and the corners were mitered perfectly to turn the corner. The light really became the art piece in the space as it really brought the space under the bridges which used to be almost cave like into an art display of sorts. As part of the overall design ADC kept the tile and finishes below these elements as simple as possible to really focus the passerby’s attention up to the light elements.

About ADC: Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) is a Top 30 Architecture Firm and “Fastest Growing Architecture Firm in Orange County” servicing clients nationwide offering multi-disciplinary architectural, planning and interior design services. ADC has active projects in 20 states specializing in mixed-use, residential, retail, and commercial projects. Collectively the team brings a wide range of expertise across many design related disciplines.

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