Pink’s Hot Dogs

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Facts: Fast Casual Restaurant, Kitchen Layout Design, Interior Design, Custom Furniture Design

Description: Pink’s Hot Dogs is a fast casual restaurant in the middle of Carmarillo Outlets. The atmosphere of the restaurant is to transport you to the historic brick building on the street of New York. With the rich history and culture of the hot dog cart in New York, we wanted to bring one of the best parts of the street to Pink’s Hot Dogs. On one side of the main dining is a expansive brick lined wall with a spot light on the celebrities that have visited Pink’s Hot Dogs and on the other is a contrast from the old to the new, with a modern graphic take on the map of Los Angeles. This little restaurant packs a punch by bringing you the historic vibe of New York and the modern vibe of Los Angeles. As you enter the restaurant make sure you look down and to notice the brass inlay of the Hollywood walk of fame star and to the right make sure you grab a photo op with a replicate of an old hotdog car on the Hollywood walk of fame. Once you order you food and your heading into the main dining you will notice the kitchen where the hot dogs are being prepared. The kitchen is designed as a take on the old hotdog cart, with a scalloped trim awning to the pick-up window and all the way to the lighted hotdog banner that wraps the exterior of the kitchen. The booths have a fun take with the red and white strips to mimic the historic hotdog cart umbrellas. As you make your way to the back of the restaurant take a look at the fun graphic of Pink’s Hot Dogs rich history.

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