ADC at ICSC Las Vegas: Innovation in Commercial Real Estate in 2024

Whether you are a seasoned architect or a recent graduate, finding a commercial architecture firm committed to continuous improvement can be difficult. After all, how can you determine if this is a value a firm upholds from the outside looking in? This kind of window shopping can give you an idea of what to expect, but you need more to determine if a firm is the right fit. Well, one way to gauge a firm’s commitment to development and innovation is the events they attend. ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Las Vegas is the conference where innovation is forged in commercial real estate and architecture!
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ADC at ICSC Las Vegas: Innovation in Commercial Real Estate in 2024

ICSC Las Vegas is a premier three-day event that takes place annually in May from the 19th to the 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

At this event, some of the industry’s leading companies and thought leaders from across the globe will meet with a singular mission: elevating the marketplaces and spaces in which people work, play, shop, dine, and gather. We are honored and eager to join the conversation and shape the future of our industry and the world.

This event is like Coachella for commercial real estate. It will feature professional development workshops, keynote presentations, awards ceremonies, and more. At this event, we will explore and redefine how commercial spaces can serve as vital ingredients for communities and economies. 

The goal, ultimately, is to innovate, which is a core value we espouse at ADC. So we are uniquely positioned to participate! At this event, commercial real estate’s top dealmakers, changemakers, and innovators from around the world will convene to share invaluable insights and experiences. 

This opportunity to network, connect, and make deals with like-minded and esteemed commercial architects is unparalleled. Everyone will work together to design and draft a new blueprint for the future of commercial architecture that redefines the impact these spaces can have. 

We will also learn the latest and most revolutionary trends and tools in commercial architecture, specifically pertaining to shopping centers. The knowledge we will gain at this event will equip us with the tools and insights we need to continue delivering premier work.

For the ADC team, this also means that you can rest assured that you will be learning the most innovative and cutting-edge approaches to commercial architecture so that we can continue to design, curate, and build spaces that have a meaningful impact on people and communities! 

“ICSC Las Vegas is one of the biggest industry events of the year, and we are excited to  meet other individuals who share our values and goals and to dictate what the future of our industry will look like years from now. Events like this are where ideas are shared and innovation begins, and we are honored to be a part of shaping the next generation of commercial architecture.”

Craig Chinn, Founder, ADC

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ICSC Las Vegas is where the leading minds and firms in commercial real estate and architecture from around the world convene to map out the blueprint of the industry’s future. As industry leaders, we can’t wait to participate in this momentous event and bring what we learn back to the ADC team to equip them with the latest in architecture approaches and tools. We believe every ADC team member deserves the chance and resources they need to constantly hone their craft and stay current with the latest in architecture trends, tools, and philosophies. 

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