Behind the Blueprint: Meet the ADC Team

Are you fresh out of college and unsure where your passion lies in architecture? We’ve been where you are right now and understand how daunting it is when your career is a blank page waiting for you to design the blueprint of your dreams upon it. Luckily, at Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), we can help. When you join the ADC team, you receive endless opportunities to learn, develop your talents, and discover where your passion lies. 

Since 2014, we have been a nationally ranked architecture firm providing Southern California with innovative residential and commercial designs, which are our two areas of expertise. Read our blog to get acquainted with our residential and commercial teams! 

Behind the Blueprint: Meet the ADC Team

The ADC team is composed of two different halves: residential and commercial. We’re here to give you a peek behind the blueprint to understand the challenges they face, the unique skills our team members have, and the process they navigate. 

The Residential ADC Team

The size of our company enables our residential architects to be incredibly flexible, so when you come on board, you’ll work on a wide array of residential project types with people of all experience levels. You won’t be stuck doing just one thing all the time. 

You’ll get experience in all aspects of a project and have the chance to hone your skills, be creative, find your passion, and determine what your area of architectural genius is! 

For example, many members of our residential team cherish the opportunity to make a difference in communities and the lives of those who inhabit the structures they design through affordable housing and by providing housing for the formerly homeless. 

Each of these areas comes with unique challenges. 

For example, with affordable housing, every lender has different requirements, as does every city. Our ambition is to build a safe, durable product that will last a long time while providing a high quality of life because people will own it for well over 50 years. 

Whether that requires taking out materials for projects and making material boards, creating technical drawings, or helping with any construction administration work, you will work on each phase of the process. 

The passion, heart, and dedication to constantly seek out creative and innovative solutions throughout a residential project makes the ADC team so special. We offer architecture jobs with the goal of creating great products and buildings for the greater good of communities. 

“For affordable housing, it’s a complicated business model. You work with clients that apply for federal and state tax credits. If awarded those credits, we design a site for land that cities donate, and this requires exploring different avenues throughout a design project. For the formerly homeless and underprivileged, it could be for family housing and people living within a certain means who qualify. Our clients are very passionate about this kind of work, and so are we.”

– Corey DeManty, Principal, ADC

Just as importantly, however, you can expect to work with an extremely collaborative group, learn from your colleagues, and let your inspiration guide your residential designs! 

The Retail and Commercial ADC Team

The retail and commercial ADC team is also extremely nimble, and you will get experience in virtually all aspects of architecture and work on a wide array of projects. 

From renovating malls and facades to designing stores and restaurants, you will have countless chances to create compelling spaces while finding your passion and developing your skills across all phases of the architecture design process.

“I really love working on the retail and commercial projects at ADC, and it’s honestly what attracted me to the company in the first place. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to go through the process from beginning to end, from the  material selection to construction administration, which is invaluable because that’s how you find what you excel at and what you love doing in this field.” 

– Sorlanda Noron Velez, Senior Project Manager, ADC

Because this area of architecture is constantly changing and evolving, we have a company culture of learning and our team does the same to stay on top of current trends. Commercial and retail spaces provide people with an escape and a chance to spend quality time with people they care about. 

Our commercial team understands the value these spaces offer to each person who enters them and is passionate about designing dynamic commercial and retail spaces for people to go and experience, engage with, and spend time with their friends and families. 

“As the market changes, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver new experiences to customers. Here, you will have the chance to create a sense of place in environments. As communities grow, their current spaces and old malls simply don’t cut it anymore. They deserve something better, and our passion is providing communities with the environments they deserve.”

– Ryan McAndrew, Design Director, ADC

One distinct aspect of the commercial and retail design process you can anticipate is understanding each market by learning about each city, its cultural values, its unique needs, and how you can create a great space for them from across the United States. 

You will have a voice the minute you walk through the door and can expect to work on creative and technical aspects of a project and be a part of the brainstorming sessions, where we come together to discuss new ideas and better ways to do things.

Most importantly, however, you will work closely with a dynamic and fun team that has a singular mission and is dedicated to supporting one another.

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Whether you are interested in residential or commercial architecture, you will receive endless opportunities when you join the ADC team! We are proud to be a space where you will have the chance to discover your calling and answer it. Join our team today!