Double Recognition! Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) Secures Awards of Merit at Golden Nugget for Anton Viridian & Finamore Place

The Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) team is popping the champagne corks to announce exciting news! Our unwavering commitment to creating innovative and sustainable communities has been honored with the Golden Nugget Awards of Merit for not one but two residential projects we completed: Anton Viridian and Finamore Place. Bestowed by PCBC, the Golden Nugget Awards are a prestigious recognition in residential design, celebrating outstanding achievements in the field. These projects are also finalists for Best Affordable Housing Community in the 30 to 60 du/acre category. We are incredibly humbled and honored to receive this award, and it wouldn’t have been possible without every member of the ADC team and our commitment to collaboration. Every team member played a key role in this achievement. 

Learn more about this award, what it represents, and what it means for our firm.

Golden Nugget Awards: A Benchmark of Design Excellence

So, what are the Golden Nugget Awards? Imagine the Grammys of residential architecture but with a little less red carpet and a whole lot more vision. OK, maybe that’s a bit much. But it is a big deal, and words cannot sufficiently express how honored we are to receive these two awards of merit.  

For over six decades, the Golden Nugget Award program has been a cornerstone in recognizing superior design, planning, and development achievements. This award recognizes the commitment to innovation, imagination, and vitality of the leading industry entrants from the United States and international countries. 

Each submission is rigorously assessed by a panel of distinguished industry professionals, celebrating the most innovative projects nationwide. Receiving a Golden Nugget Award of Merit within the fiercely competitive Affordable Housing category underscores a significant accolade in residential design and recognition of our innovation within the field. 

These awards, presented by PCBC — a leading real estate design and development conference—highlight the culmination of meticulous planning and exceptional implementation. They affirm that our projects meet the fundamental requirements of affordable housing and surpass them to foster vibrant, sustainable communities.

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ADC: Crafting Communities Where People Thrive

At ADC, our passion is to design vibrant communities that foster a sense of belonging, which this award represents. 

We aren’t putting up four walls and a roof when we work on residential projects. We are curating spaces that spark connection and belonging to bring people closer and lift each other up. The Golden Nugget Award recognizes firms that improve their communities through exceptional design, planning, and development concepts. 

We leverage our architectural, design, and planning expertise to create innovative, sustainable spaces that nurture communities and individual growth. These acknowledgments reinforce our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional, accessible living environments. These projects exemplify that! 

Award-Winning Excellence in Affordable Housing

  • Anton Viridian (Oakley, CA): This impressive project has received the Award of Merit and is a finalist for the Best Affordable Housing Community under 30 du/acre category.
  • Finamore Place (Anaheim, CA): Also a recipient of the Merit Award, Finamore Place is recognized in the Best Affordable Housing Community 30 to 60 du/acre category. This accolade exemplifies ADC’s dedication to thoughtful, affordable design.
Images: Photo Albums: Anton Viridian | Finamore Place
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ADC: Shaping the Future Through Innovative Design

The ADC team is about more than blueprints and bricks. We’re a team of passionate architects with a drive to continually push the boundaries of design, make a real difference, and promote a positive social impact. We make residential spaces where people don’t just survive – they thrive. 

This award motivates us to continue our relentless pursuit of excellence in providing sustainable, affordable housing solutions. We can’t wait to continue to improve in the future. 

“What makes this career so inspiring and endlessly fulfilling is that you make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. And these projects are shining examples of that. You’re giving people the foundation to start living out their dreams, and this is the kind of work we got into the industry. We love making a difference in the world through design.”

Chris Weimholt, Senior Principal, ADC

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