What Contributes to the Best Architecture Offices for Company Culture?

To thrive in the architectural field, doing your best work goes beyond the blueprint; it extends to the very essence of the workplace itself. 

Just as a building’s foundation supports its structure, a company’s culture forms the bedrock of its success. The culture at Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) nurtures inspiration and promotes innovation, which makes us one of the best architecture offices in Southern California.

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What Contributes to the Best Architecture Offices for Company Culture?

If you want a great work environment, culture is a top priority. Culture enables an architecture firm to nurture innovative and impactful designs and empower employees to grow. There are several factors to consider that dictate culture:

  • Interactions: This refers to how the team interacts with each other and treats others, from those in leadership positions to peers to clients. Leaders should be visible and accessible. Good interactions require prime communication inside and outside the firm, transparency, and inclusivity.
  • Time: The time you invest at the office is also important to consider because it will determine your work-life balance and ensure you don’t experience burnout. Flexibility is key. Working remotely has become the norm since the pandemic, and you should look for an environment that offers that option to minimize stress.
  • Environment: The environment is crucial to consider. Consider the studio environment design and office layout to determine if it is ideal for creativity. The creative climate and environment should facilitate a swift, easy exchange of ideas. This easy transfer of ideas is essential to innovation and creativity. 
  • Loyalty: A strong company culture is one in which your team is loyal to one another and the firm is loyal to you and treats everyone with respect. You should feel like you’re part of something unique and important and like you are appreciated. As a result, employees will take pride in what they do. 
  • Values: You also want to ensure that the company you work with shares the same values, beliefs, and goals as you and does not compromise. Determining what values matter most to you could require soul-searching, but this is key to ensuring a company’s culture gels with you. 
  • Growth: Growth opportunities are essential to a positive company culture. You should never feel stunted at the company you work at. Ongoing opportunities for growth should be non-negotiable. 

You deserve to work at an architecture and design firm with a positive, healthy, and thriving culture because, ultimately, the culture makes you excited to go to work every day and ensures you work with a like-minded team. 

How ADC Establishes a Great Company Culture

At ADC, our industry-leading culture enables us to be one of the best architecture offices in Southern California. We emphasize continuous growth and provide opportunities to develop right away.

“At ADC, we have a passion for teaching. We’re not the typical firm where you learn 10% of the field. We like to provide experiences that cover the complete gamut to nurture growth and help our people grow throughout the whole process.” 

– Craig Chinn, President, ADC

In doing so, ADC creates an environment where our team has the freedom to be as innovative and creative as they always dreamed of when they first entered the field. Plus, our team respects and trusts each other to do great work.

“I love the freedom I have in the design process, which I did not think I would experience being so young. My colleagues trust my opinion, too, and let me have a first go at things before putting in their opinions, which are always super helpful and get us to the end goal. And I have a ton of guidance. All of my coworkers are like mentors to me. ”

– Sophie Johnson, Designer, ADC

More importantly, however, we aren’t a traditional, stuffy firm. Every member of our team has a voice the moment they step through the door. We don’t believe in hierarchy and encourage constant collaboration to bring out the best in each other. 

“In the office, we laugh, and everyone participates in meetings. It’s a warm and inviting atmosphere. We like to play games like design charades. We have no offices. I sit with someone who just graduated right next to me. At other firms, it’s a hierarchy with leaders in different areas, like a pyramid. Here, we’re kind of flat. Everyone sits side by side and works together for a free exchange of ideas.”

– Craig Chinn, President, ADC

Our team actually knows each other, and it feels like working with one big family. Our firm is composed of like-minded individuals who love coming to work every day and the people they work with. 

One final key component of our culture is our flexible work schedule that enables our team to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We believe in supporting our people on and off the clock with a flexible work schedule.

“I like the work-from-home schedule because it gives me a break from traffic and the flexibility to maintain a good work-life balance. I was motivated to join ADC because of its reputation for having a great company culture.”

– Carrie Voivedich, Technical Designer II, ADC

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