A Look Inside Company Events at ADC

Two coworkers talking about a fun time they had at one of the company events at ADC in the breakroom!

As an architect, you need to work in a space that nurtures your creativity and allows inspiration to flow. Stuffy, corporate firms stifle your creativity and limit your growth, so it is important to find an office with the right vibe. At Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), we understand that you do your best work when you love coming to work, so we go to great lengths to create an environment that is fun and inspiring. A huge component of this is the countless company events at ADC!

Since 2014, we have been a nationally ranked architecture firm providing Southern California with innovative designs, thanks in large part to the culture and environment we have established. Learn about some company events you’ll enjoy at ADC that help foster a greater sense of solidarity and create a fun, engaging workplace!

A Look Inside Company Events at ADC

When you work at ADC, you join a welcoming and fun team of creatives who love coming to work every day and love to joke around. A huge part of creating a cohesive team is the company events at ADC you’ll enjoy.

One event that our team loves to participate in is our annual bowling challenge, which is a great opportunity to get the competitive (but friendly) juices flowing, build a more cohesive team, and encourage you and your colleagues to constructively push each other to improve!

During the bowling challenge, the residential architects and retail architects compete against each other for a trophy and, of course, bragging rights. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in other activities, like deep-sea fishing excursions.

“We really enjoy the bowling challenge. This last year, the residential team even put together shirts with a cool logo based on the Oscar Meyer package. I think the team name was Phony Baloney. It was nice that we could beat the retail team and bring the championship back where it belongs. It was getting a little homesick with the retail team. We keep the trophy back here, and it’s always fun to rib each other a little over it!”

– Corey Demanty, Principal, ADC

Throughout the year, you can also expect to enjoy happy hours, office parties, and lunch outings with your team to build camaraderie, get to know each other, and keep work fun.

We know you do your most inspired work when you’re having fun, and an invigorating environment couples perfectly with the creative opportunities you will have here!

“It feels amazing to work in a fun-loving environment. We do a good happy hour and love celebrating birthdays and holidays with parties and activities. During Halloween, we all dress up and put up decorations, and we have a little competition to see who can create the best environment that goes with the costumes. Even that helps you exercise your creative muscles in ways you don’t really think about. And on Fridays, we unwind, have a few drinks, and celebrate team wins and project completions. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun here.”

– Ryan McAndrew, Design Director, ADC

Further, we have consciously cultivated a “flat” office hierarchy and a collaborative company culture so that when you and your team get together socially, bosses and employees can enjoy themselves and feel comfortable together.

Whether we get taco trucks to come during lunch or you go out with coworkers to eat, there will always be something to keep work and life interesting at ADC!

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You deserve to work at a company that enables you to be as creative as you’ve always dreamed of being as an architect, and a significant part of that is simply enjoying the environment you work in. The company events at ADC will keep work exciting so you always feel inspired to do your best work and refine your craft.

Work is more interesting when you work with interesting people. Visit our open Architect Jobs and join our team today!