ADC: An Architecture and Design Company You’ll Love Working For

As an architect, finding an architecture and design company that nurtures creativity and gives it the space it needs to blossom is crucial. At Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), we are a nationally ranked architecture firm serving Southern California since 2014. 

When you join our collective of innovators, you work in a company where creativity and innovation are not just encouraged – they’re required. Read our blog to learn more!

The Culture You Deserve at an Architecture and Design Company

As an architect, you need the right space and vibe to create. After all, you are an artist, and every artist has a carefully curated studio. Ultimately, this comes down to culture. 

At ADC, we have gone to great lengths to establish an inclusive and collaborative culture that places a premium on creativity and passion and prioritizes your wellness and work-life balance. ADC is not another stuffy design firm, and our people love coming to work.

We understand what drew you to this field: the joy of being creative and making a difference through design. The culture at our architecture and design company creates a safe space for creatives like you to follow their muse and do the work they love. 

“We have gone above and beyond to foster a collaborative and creative environment where we work together and discuss project issues to find solutions. Great artists often have a scene they embody, like how Hemingway and Fitzgerald had Paris in the 20s. That is how we think about working at ADC. Here, it feels like you are part of something special.” – Rosie, Job Captain at ADC.

Your wellness will always be top-of-mind as we continue to emphasize work-life balance. We offer the opportunity to work from home and the office, and this flexibility is a significant benefit for our team.

“ADC perfectly suits my area of expertise, and the work-life balance has a reputation as being more exemplary than most firms. And they live up to that reputation. Even when things get hectic, we can step away, enjoy life, and return to work refreshed and eager to keep killing it. Plus, the people are friendly and always open to new ideas, which is key for creativity and innovation.” – Sina, Job Captain at ADC. 

We also pride ourselves on a diverse and inclusive culture where our team feels like a family because these environments are where we do our best work.

“ADC has been the most accessible firm I have worked at. After meeting my peers, I felt a sense of belonging. I saw the potential for growth in a very easy-going yet fast-paced environment, where I could learn and grow within. Everyone is down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable. ADC looks out for everyone’s best interests on a personal and professional level. Plus, ADC genuinely respects and supports everyone’s culture and beliefs. And I think you cannot ask for much more than that.” – Allan, Senior Job Captain at ADC.

The Opportunities You Deserve at an Architecture and Design Company

Still, culture is only half the story. You deserve to work at an architecture and design company that offers opportunities to grow, advance, and refine your skills. After all, every great artist strives to get better, and we would expect nothing less from you. 

“What I love about working here is that career growth is encouraged. You truly have a voice the minute you walk through the door. It is normal to worry that when you work at an architecture and design company, you will be pigeonholed and stuck in a niche you do not enjoy or excel at. But that is never a concern with ADC.” – Rosie

We have a diverse portfolio of projects, from shopping centers to residential properties to community projects that made a meaningful difference in countless people’s lives. Our diverse portfolio, ultimately, reflects the diverse opportunities you will have at ADC.

“One of my favorite projects that I have worked on at ADC has been Heroes Landing, the largest homeless veteran’s apartment development in O.C. I appreciated being a part of  a project that made a difference in people’s lives, which is why I think you get into this field in the first place: to make a difference in the world through design.” – Chris Weimhold, Senior Principal at ADC

From initial site surveys to creating drawings to bringing exciting, fruitful projects to life, each project presents unique learning opportunities. Plus, at large, corporate firms, the best projects go to those with seniority. But at ADC, creativity and passion are king.

“What I value most about our culture is, first, office chemistry because I want to enjoy where I spend over 1/3 of my life. Second, it is our non-corporate environment. But, most important, we provide ample opportunities for young staff members to make a difference. Anyone who has worked at a large corporate firm knows how rare that is.” – Chris

Join Our Team to Work at the Architecture and Design Company of Your Dreams!

As an architect, the office environment you work in is like your artist’s studio. And ensuring it encourages and nurtures inspiration and creativity is essential to doing your best work, which is when you love the work you do.

If you are interested in joining an architecture and design company that offers the culture and opportunities you have always dreamed of, ADC is the architecture and design company for you. Explore open positions and apply now!