Architectural Designer Jobs in Southern California

When looking for architectural designer jobs, finding the right location to break ground and start constructing the career you’ve always dreamed of can be difficult, especially with so many markets and companies available. For nearly a century, people have come to California for exciting opportunities to make their dreams come true and pursue their creative passions. And the architecture and engineering industry is no different. 

At Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), we are a nationally ranked architecture and design company serving Southern California since 2014. Read what makes this part of sunny California the perfect place to architect the career of your dreams.

Why Look for Architectural Designer Jobs in Southern California?

In Southern California, the architecture and design industry is flourishing. In our blog, we will share insights into this booming market as well as what makes ADC an unrivaled architecture and design company to work at. 

The Outlook for Architectural Designer Jobs in California

California is home to a thriving architecture and design industry, and several factors have contributed to its strength and resilience. 

Firstly, Southern California is experiencing robust job growth, which generates demand. And, in a post-pandemic world, we have begun to reevaluate how we utilize space and the importance of affordable housing, which has led to a boom in the residential sector. 

Add a growing population to the mix, and architects like you will be in high demand as Southern California continues to accommodate it. The fields of architecture experiencing the most growth in this part of the Golden State are:

‎🏬 Commercial: As the most popular area of architecture, this field includes building designated zones for retail stores and headquarters for businesses. 

🏠 Residential: Residential is the second most popular area and offers diverse opportunities to design stunning properties and functional, affordable housing. 

🍻 Industrial: Industrial architecture is the next most popular area and involves designing functional buildings, like manufacturing plants or breweries. 

🏙️ Urban design: Last but definitely not least, urban design is also a popular and thriving field that combines architecture and urban planning to design parks, community spaces, street networks, towns, and cities. 

These different fields and variables drive demand for innovators like you to continue to produce feats of architecture and engineering that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Still, more options only make choosing an architecture and design company difficult.

If you are a creative, passionate architect seeking architectural designer jobs at a company that will provide an environment that empowers you to produce innovative work, ADC is the company for you that offers diverse opportunities to grow, create, and find inspiration.  

What Makes ADC a Great Architecture and Design Company

If creativity is your calling and you are looking for architectural designer jobs, look no further than ADC. We believe our best work occurs in a dynamic, innovative environment. 

As one of the best architecture offices in Southern California, ADC is a safe space for inspiration where people love what they do and can’t wait to come to work every day. With us, you won’t be a cog in someone else’s machine. 

You will have a voice the minute you walk through the door and opportunities to work on diverse, invigorating, challenging projects that make meaningful impacts on people’s lives, from residential to commercial to urban planning. 

Here, creativity and passion are not just encouraged, they’re required as the most valuable currencies for growth opportunities, not seniority.

“What makes ADC such a great place to work is the open, honest, and creative environment. It aligns with how I operate because I love leaving something better than I found it. I love that everyone has a voice, and it’s OK to ask questions–LOTS OF QUESTIONS. And the team is amazing. Everyone is easy to work with, fun, and we get shi…stuff done!” – Matt Manio Phillips

View Open Architectural Designer Jobs Now

Are you looking for an office you love coming to every day? Are you interested in working on projects that inspire you alongside like-minded people? Then architectural designer jobs at ADC could be right for you. Culture, connections, and creativity drive our company. If that sounds like you, we would love to welcome you to our team. 

Do you think you would be a good fit? View open architectural designer positions to find out. There’s never a boring day when you work with interesting people.