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An architect working on a project after doing their homework, which is a shining example of why doing your due diligence is key to your job satisfaction when trying to find your next architecture job. 

As an architect, you should be encouraged to be as creative as you always dreamed of being in this field. With so many firms available, finding the firm with the right culture is essential when trying to find your next architecture job. At ADC, we are an award-winning firm in Southern California that has specialized in creating engaging and inspiring designs that connect with people since 2014. 

ADC is a haven for creativity you will love coming to every day and one in which you will feel inspired to do work you are proud of. Read our blog to learn more.

Find Your Next Architecture Job at ADC

When considering architecture careers, there are as many firms as buildings in a cityscape. At ADC, we offer a unique work environment and excellent opportunities. Read more about the areas you will work in, growth opportunities, and what to expect at ADC. 

Areas You Can Work In

One reason to find your next architecture job at ADC is you will have opportunities to work in several different areas of architecture. The primary areas you can expect to work in include:

  • Retail: You will have the opportunity to curate engaging and experimental spaces for businesses that their customers won’t want to leave and will tell businesses’ stories through design. 
  • Residential: Home is where life takes shape, and you will have chances to control the shape it takes and provide modern flourishes for daily living. We believe life is more interesting with unique residential designs.
  • Food Halls & Restaurants: You will have opportunities to deliver creative designs for food halls and restaurants that complement meals, just like wine or appetizers. On these projects, be ready to bring an all-you-can-buffet of creativity to the table.
  • Commercial: You will have the chance to help distinguish companies through design to set them apart from the competition. During commercial projects, you will help companies express their identity through design. 
  • Interior Design: You will have the opportunity to work on interior design projects, which are the ultimate form of storytelling where every element matters. You will learn that what is possible between four walls is only as limited as your imagination, which means it is limitless.

Growth Opportunities

Another reason ADC is an excellent firm for you to find your next architecture job is the growth and creative opportunities we offer to actualize your full potential as an architect.

We offer a modern work culture that values passion, innovation, and collaboration. But this isn’t another stuffy design firm. ADC is a haven for people who want to do meaningful, creative work that has a real impact on the world. 

Traditionally, the most fascinating and challenging projects go to senior or more connected people on staff at a firm. With us, your creativity and passion matter most, and you will have opportunities to take on new, challenging projects to learn and grow.

You will work on a range of projects, so you can rest assured you won’t get stuck in a specialty or niche you don’t like. You will have a voice the moment you walk into the firm and the opportunity to be as creative as you always dreamed of being as an architect.

“At ADC, every project is a growth opportunity. For example, I worked on a project called Village Green and had the chance to arrange 80% of the construction documents for the first time. It was great to learn and understand how the entire process works, from creating the initial designs to the ribbon-cutting ceremony,” explained Carrie, a Technical Design II at ADC.

What to Expect

At ADC, you won’t just be a cog in someone else’s machine, which is one of the most important reasons to find your next architecture job at our firm

You will work with a creative and fun team that loves what they do and sincerely loves coming to work every morning. Expect to collaborate closely with team members and be ready to think out-of-the-box and exercise your creativity and innovation. 

“What I love most about ADC is that career growth is encouraged, we have fostered a collaborative environment, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously when the time allows for it,” said Rosalia, a Job Captain at ADC.

You should still be ready to work, however, because this is a dynamic, fast-paced environment. But that is part of what makes it endlessly fulfilling.

“Be proactive and prepared to stay focused on your career. Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. Also, be ready to collaborate. We always want each member to contribute and offer their opinion throughout our design process,” said Chris, Senior Principal at ADC. 

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You deserve to work at an architecture firm that enables you to experience what made you fall in love with the idea of architecture careers in the first place: the joy of being creative

When trying to find your next architecture job, you want to work in a fun, dynamic, fulfilling, and collaborative environment where your colleagues love coming to work every day. Here, you will grow daily and produce meaningful, innovative, and inspiring work.

Work is more interesting when you work with interesting people. Are you a good fit? Let’s find out. Explore open positions at ADC and apply now.