How We Have Shaped Our Architecture Careers

People working on designs who came together in their architecture careers to do inspiring work.

Throughout history, great artists have left an undeniable mark on the world. People who have pursued architecture careers are the best examples of this accomplishment. Architecture is art. Plain and simple. You have a vision, inspiration strikes, you develop a design, and then watch it come to life. 

When you work in architecture, you create spaces that are functional, inspiring, and have a meaningful impact on daily life for countless people. At ADC, we are an award-winning firm in Southern California that specializes in creating inspiring and engaging designs that connect with people. 

What Qualifications Do You Need for an Architecture Career?

There are several different kinds of architecture careers to choose from. But no matter which you choose, there are some core qualifications architecture students in Southern California must be aware of.

It doesn’t matter what you want to design. When creating the blueprint of your dream architecture career path and future, everyone starts at the same drawing board and needs the same tools. Generally speaking, architects need to:

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture through a program accredited by the National Architectural Board (NAAB.)
  • Participate in an internship program (required for licensure.)
  • Acquire licensure by passing the Architect Registration Examination.

Skills Needed for an Architecture Career

People interested in architecture careers need a wide array of skills, and we would be remiss if we did not mention some foundational (and, admittedly, less glamorous) skills. Let’s get these out of the way first. 

Architects need math skills and a basic understanding of how engineering impacts their designs. Of course, architects need to be able to draw and sketch. Architects also present and sell ideas and need interpersonal and presentation skills

Architects also oversee construction, which requires leadership, communication, and management skills. These are all important skills for architects, but they are far from the most important, especially at a firm like ADC. 

Architects need a clear vision, and they must be able to use the world as a resource. You must look at the world around you, and understand why you like the environments you like and why some solutions work and others don’t. 

Architecture, at its core, is a creative pursuit. We cannot stress the importance of creativity enough. Like all creative pursuits, architects must be able to engage and connect with people through their medium. Simply having drawing and sketching skills is not enough.

What separates serviceable architects from great ones is the ability to build bridges between the spaces they curate and the people who enter them. As an architect, the world is a blank canvas waiting for you to create your masterpiece. 

At ADC, we are an architecture firm composed of interesting, inspired people who create interesting, inspiring spaces. And what, you may ask, is the secret sauce? Well, interesting, inspiring people recognize the world for the interesting, inspiring place it is.

Different Types of Architecture Careers You Can Pursue

You also have to pick what kind of architect you want to be. Generally, there are four types of architecture careers you can choose from:

  • Technical architects: These architects are more concerned with the technical aspects of a structure, like mechanics, efficiency, and water tightness. 
  • Planning architects: These architects help ensure a project complies with local and national requirements and regulations. 
  • Site architect: These architects oversee all activity on a construction site, from breaking ground to celebratory champagne. 
  • Design architect: These architects focus on the overall design of a structure, usually creating and modifying the initial outline and blueprint.

Still, while these are different architectural disciplines, many roles require a little bit of everything, which is part of what makes the job so exciting. 

View Open Positions for Architecture Careers

When you work with an award-winning firm like ADC, you get the opportunity to work magic. After all, architecture is like alchemy. You help people conjure and actualize their dreams by turning blueprints into tangible structures, which makes architecture careers endlessly fulfilling. Add a team of fun, like-minded creatives committed to curating inspiring environments and a workplace where you have a voice the moment you enter the door, and you have something more than a career. You have a calling. Never be afraid of answering it.

Are you looking for a job that lets you be as creative as you’ve always dreamed of as an architect? Explore open architecture positions at ADC. There’s never a dull moment when you work with interesting people.