Meet the Best Residential Architects from the ADC Team

Do you want to work on a talented team that will help you flourish as an architect? It can be hard to find the best residential architects that will help you grow and succeed. After all, you’re creative, and all great creatives thrive in a scene. Whether it was The Lost Generation in Paris during the 20s and the Beats in New York City during the 50s and 60s, artists like you have understood the importance of this kind of camaraderie for generations. 

Since 2014, ADC has been a nationally ranked architecture and design company serving Southern California with innovative residential designs. Learn what characterizes the best residential architects and get acquainted with one from our team!

What Characterizes the Best Residential Architects?

We’d be remiss to not mention that architects need several skills to be successful. Architects must be artistic, creative, adept at math, and have impeccable design skills. 

Architects need to be excellent communicators and good at collaborating, and they need to be good problem-solvers. Residential architects must also be skilled in interior design and understand how to take out materials for projects and make material boards. 

They also must master the architectural side, which includes creating technical drawings, construction, and administrative work. Ryan McAndrew, a director on the ADC team, explained the importance of these skills. 

“When you work at ADC on residential projects, you need a lot of technical knowledge, but you must be willing to collaborate, too. This includes participating in brainstorming sessions for new ideas and better ways to do things. All of this, ultimately, drives innovation in design.”

– Ryan McAndrew, Director, ADC

Still, what separates the best residential architects from those who are merely successful is passion and a desire to make an impact on the world through design, which Craig Chinn, the President at ADC, and Corey Demanty, the lead Residential Architect at ADC, elaborated on. 

“There’s no better feeling than working on a project that impacts an entire community. And we’ve done that with our residential projects for things like multifamily structures. The best residential architects want to give back to the community.”

– Craig Chinn, President, ADC

“Passion is a big part of what makes someone a great residential architect. And passion manifests in different ways. Maybe you have a passion for affordable housing and providing housing for the formerly homeless. I think passion is the mark of truly great architects.”

Corey Demanty, Lead Residential Architect, ADC

Another quality most of the best residential architects possess is a desire to make a difference in the lives of the people who inhabit the buildings they design. Houses are very intimate for people, so understanding that is important.

Get to Know the Best Residential Architects

Carrie Voivedich is a Technical Designer II on our residential team, and she’s worked with us for over a year. 

Carrie studied Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil, where she’s from, with an emphasis on residential complexes. In Brazil, she worked with homeless children living in poverty in “favelas” in Rio. She taught reading and writing and helped provide basic care to them. 

She also worked with seniors, putting on monthly events to entertain them. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing the piano, running, drawing, and painting. Carrie shared why she came to ADC.

“I was drawn to this company because of the culture and awards. I love how close you work with project managers and how accessible they are to ask questions, and the work-from-home schedule gives me a break from the traffic. The flexibility you get working here is one of the biggest perks of the job. As an architect, one of the most important traits is being a problem-solver, which they encourage here.”

– Carrie Voivedich, Technical Designer II, ADC

At ADC, her favorite project was the Village Green Apartment Complexes in Mountain View, CA. She loved this project because it was a great opportunity to learn and understand how the entire process works, from designs to completing 80% of the construction documents.

This project involved designing 490 residential units in a high-density apartment complex that totaled 11,000 square feet with amenities on 9.8 acres in the Bay Area. This complex included a pool and a leisurely 6,000 square foot dog park. 

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