What’s it Like Working at One of the Best Architecture Firms in Southern California?

As an architect, you deserve a work environment that nurtures creativity through innovative design, which is exactly what you can expect when you work at one of the best architecture firms in Southern California. And, at Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), that is precisely what your experience will be like. 

Since 2014, ADC has been a nationally ranked architecture and design company serving Southern California with innovative architecture designs. Explore what’s like to work at one of the best architecture companies in our blog.

What’s it Like Working at One of the Best Architecture Firms in Southern California?

Your experience working with the best architecture and design company in Southern California will revolve around honing your craft by staying on top of industry trends. Learn more about this experience in our blog. 

Staying On top of the Latest Trends in Architecture

When working at an architecture and design company like ADC, you will experience a culture of passion. 

We care deeply about every project and take pride in our work. This passion and care are at the heart of staying on top of the latest advancements in architecture because it drives our desire to deliver innovative work. 

This commitment to innovation makes ADC one of the best architecture firms in Southern California. Plus, adversity drives innovation. Our goal isn’t to deliver the prettiest object out there; it is to work within a client’s budget and deliver something we can all be proud of.

Here, you will work to achieve something that is within budget and meets client goals while working in this environment in California where there are more rules than any other state. These challenges drive innovation and our desire to stay on top of current trends.

As an architect, we understand your core motivation is to solve problems creatively, and each solution is different. The creative nature of this job requires constantly researching and adapting to new trends, which drives innovative work. 

We invest a lot of legwork and research into each project into the latest advancements in the field and leverage our team’s diverse passions and interests as an asset to explore different parts of architecture, from marketing to materials, and capitalize on their talents. 

Innovative architecture requires bringing together different elements and information from different people and design professionals to ensure each design project benefits from the latest in architectural design and lasts for a long time. 

Ultimately, our flat, open office design and collaborative culture contribute to this, too, because you will constantly exchange ideas through conversations. 

“ADC spans a lot of services, from residential to commercial to retail and everything in between. Our services have grown because our clients have taken us down the path of doing interior design and exterior facade renovations and all sorts of new things. We will continue to grow and stay current thanks to our clients and the work we do for them.” – Craig Chinn, President, ADC

The Kinds of Projects You’ll Work On

One of our favorite projects was a complete mall renovation. This project was a $36 million renovation of everything on the inside and the outside. 

We loved working on this renovation because we touched every component of it and had to leverage the latest in architecture and design to modernize it. It touched all the tenants and building maintenance people because it provided better flooring and wall paints. 

It was more durable to the public with new handrails and new everything. So everyone that goes to the mall would experience a refreshed, modern space thanks to our dedication to staying current with design trends.

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As an architect, you deserve to work at an architecture and design company that nurtures your creativity so that it can flourish, which is what you will experience working at ADC. Here, you will constantly stay on top of the latest architectural trends to grow and design modern environments that have a meaningful impact on the world.
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