Inside The Creative Hub At ADC

Are you looking for an architecture and design company that nurtures innovation and enables you to be as creative as you’ve always dreamed of being as an architect? Do you want to work alongside like-minded people who share your passion? Well, you’re in luck. Look no further than Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), one of the best architecture firms in Southern California. 

Since 2014, ADC has been a nationally ranked architecture and design company serving Southern California with innovative designs. Learn what it’s like to work at one of the best firms in Southern California!

What’s it Like Working at One of the Best Architecture Firms in Southern California?

We aren’t another stuffy firm, and you can expect a non-corporate environment. We go to great lengths to put our people in a position to be as creative and efficient as possible, which is what makes us one of the best architecture firms in Southern California. 

We accommodate our people and offer flexibility, such as the opportunity to work from home and a variable start time. Because of the more casual atmosphere, you will work in an office where we make decisions quickly and the dress attire is more casual and comfortable. 

“We like our people to be in the office by 9 A.M. Some people on our team have families and kids they have to drop off, so a later start can help them when they need to take them to school in the morning. And the work-from-home option gives the team a chance to create a better work-life balance and not suffer through traffic to get here every day. That flexibility is important to us because we believe you have to accommodate your people if you want to bring out the best in them and help them be as creative as possible.” 

Chris Weimholt, Senior Principal, ADC

Still, the mornings and afternoons are typically the busiest and most efficient time of the day. After arriving, you will start your day by reading emails, checking in, seeing what’s on your calendar, and preparing for the day.

After easing into the morning, it’s typically the best time to focus on work. Depending on what you have to do that day, you could spend the morning doing anything from creating designs to looking up code sections. 

These tasks vary depending on the project you’re working on, but no matter how long you’ve been at ADC or your experience level, you will have a voice and opportunities to make a difference from the moment you start. 

You will be able to give your input and feedback on all aspects of a project, from the color palette to a specific design element or articulation in the building. ADC isn’t a firm where a senior designer handles a project all the way through in a silo.

At around 1030, the office gets more chatty, and you and your colleagues will talk about what you did last night, where you’re going for lunch, or what your plans are after work. But these conversations are also learning opportunities.

“In terms of the dynamic, we work in groups and teams, so there are always conversations going on in different corners of the building. There are plenty of opportunities to joke with each other and get to know each other because of the open studio environment and learn by just hearing conversations from across the way. Like, if a project manager is talking with a client, a building official, or a consultant, you can hear pieces of that and ask about it. We love it when our team asks questions.” 

Chris Weimholt, Senior Principal, ADC

Throughout the day, you will work closely with your team to solve problems, flex your creative muscles, and engage in stimulating conversations and brainstorming sessions that nurture and encourage innovative approaches to architecture and design. 

“In terms of my day-to-day work, I do a mix of stuff. Part of what keeps the job so rewarding is you don’t get pigeonholed. I do interior design tasks, work on the retail side, and get into the residential side as well. You never know what a day will bring. From taking out materials and making material boards to creating drawings to helping with construction administration work, there’s truly never a dull moment.” 

– Shea Hernandez, Job Captain, ADC

What Culture and Team-Building Activities Can You Expect at One of the Best Architecture Firms in Southern California?

Being one of the best architecture firms in Southern California requires a company culture in which everyone can work as a cohesive team, bounce ideas off each other, and establish trust. To help establish this culture, you can expect several team-building activities at ADC. 

“The team building activities are really fun and vary so much. For example, we did a deep sea fishing trip a long time ago. I was actually the only one who caught a fish, which was pretty cool, but we all had a great time. We also do an annual bowling challenge. The residential team even made shirts this last year. I think the team name was Phony Baloney, and we beat the retail team and won the championship back. So we get bragging rights and there’s a little trophy back there.”  

– Corey Demanty, Principal, ADC

As a team, you can also expect field walks to see the projects being built and get a look at new product types on the market. Understanding the leading trends in the market is crucial to keeping everyone current and inspired to innovate. 

You can also expect a lot of lunches, Friday birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and more to bring everyone closer together. If you want to work with fun, passionate, hard-working people who aren’t afraid to give each other a hard time, this is the firm for you. 

We believe if you’re spending a third of your life somewhere, you should love what you do and love going there. And our culture and team dynamic reflect that. 

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As an architect, you deserve to work at a company that cultivates a welcoming space for inspiration and provides learning opportunities every day. Ultimately, this makes ADC one of the best architecture firms in Southern California.

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