How I Found My Dream Postgraduate Architecture Job

An ADC design on a desk, a fitting symbol for how we empower you to design the postgraduate architecture job of your dreams.

Have you recently graduated from university but don’t know where to start searching for your dream postgraduate architecture job? When you’re starting, your career is a blank page, and you know how daunting a blank page can be. Luckily, at Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), we can help design your dream career. No matter what you aspire to become as an architect, we can help you make it a reality. 

Since 2014, ADC has been a nationally ranked architecture and design company serving Southern California with innovative designs. Learn how you can find your dream job at ADC to architect a fulfilling and exciting career!

How I Found My Dream Postgraduate Architecture Job with ADC!

At ADC, we can help you find your calling in architecture in two primary ways: by providing ample opportunities for professional growth and development, and by providing endless experience across all aspects of architecture. Let’s get into what both entail!

Opportunities for Professional Growth

One reason ADC is a great place for your postgraduate architecture job is you will have ample opportunities to learn and grow. 

We have a passion for teaching students as they come out of school. Here, you won’t get the typical firm experience where you only learn 10% of the field. You can expect to learn the entire gamut of what it means to be an architect.

From the initial design to construction and everything in between, you will gain invaluable experience throughout the whole process of a project. Every day will be a learning experience, which means every day will be an opportunity for you to grow. 

Because of our collaborative company culture, everyone works together, and you will have opportunities to learn from people with all levels of experience. For example, you can expect to work closely with the president, Craig Chinn, on projects and exchange ideas.

“You really have the opportunity to shape your career here. A new grad doesn’t come here and just pick up red lines and work in a vacuum. You’ll be involved in our team meetings and the discussion of what we need to do with the project. And you won’t have a single role. You’ll be integral across the whole process and work closely with the senior designer. For instance, if we’re working on a project and a senior designer just completed sketches, then you’d work on 3D sketches and work out some of the bugs in them.” – Chris Weimholt, Senior Principal, ADC

You’ll constantly learn from just the conversations you’re hearing and engaging in, and because of our open office studio design, you’ll learn faster because everyone’s working together. You won’t work in a stuffy workplace. 

You’ll work in an environment that nurtures creativity and development. As soon as you join the team, you’ll use what you’ve learned and produce something real. 

“One of my favorite things about working at ADC has been the learning experience. Here, the way that you learn is by working as a team. We work with people from different backgrounds and experience levels, and we can all walk up to one another, whether it’s for a friendly conversation or to ask for help. Everyone understands that mistakes are part of the process, and we learn together. As a recent graduate, you’ll always feel like you’re a part of the process and learn faster.” – Asim Suhrwady, Designer, ADC

Hands-On Experience Across Architecture Fields

Another excellent way you’ll grow and develop with a postgraduate architecture job at ADC is through the hands-on experience you’ll gain across several architecture fields, which is invaluable when starting your design career. 

From residential to commercial to mixed-use, you will receive exposure to virtually all aspects of this exciting field and gain indispensable knowledge. Whether it’s retail or residential, you’ll work on creative and technical aspects of a project.

Throughout this process, you’ll have the chance to absorb as much as possible. By working on new projects, designing new buildings, and working in different fields, you’ll gain new skills, understand the latest design trends, and learn how to leverage your talents.

“No matter what type of architecture you are working on, we believe that the best way to get into the design and function of a space versus the form is with hands-on experience. From apartment complexes to shopping centers and everything in between, recent graduates are never pigeonholed. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty and gain invaluable experience across different types of architecture.” – Chris Weimholt, Senior Principal, ADC

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No matter what drew you to architecture in the first place, you deserve to work at a firm that will help you turn that dream into a reality. At ADC, our passion is helping people like you shape the postgraduate architecture job they’ve always dreamed of. 

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