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A member of the team talking to her colleague and asking a question to gain knowledge and advance her architecture career.

Are you looking for an opportunity to lay the foundation for your architecture career? At Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), our team is composed of people just like you who are ready to build their careers from the ground up. We know just how daunting it can be to get started, and we are proud to provide you with the blueprints to build the career of your dreams. 

If you are looking to grow and flourish within a firm like ADC, let’s explore the opportunities available.

How Can You Advance Your Architecture Career with ADC? 

To demonstrate how you can advance your architecture career with ADC, let’s take a look at two valued members of our team who have been with us for years, shaped their careers, and grown professionally and personally at our firm: Hector and Marie. 

Hector Ruvalcaba, Project Manager

Hector Ruvalcaba has been at our Southern California architecture firm for seven years. He started on the retail side doing architectural designer jobs that focused on commercial renovation and facade renovation. 

Over time, he realized his heart lies in residential work, like mixed-use commercial apartments and low-income housing. We helped him transition to these areas and grow his architecture career within these fields. 

In particular, Hector loved how intimate residential design is for the inhabitants and how it is an opportunity to make a difference in their day-to-day lives, especially when providing low-income housing.

“The main reason I joined and have stayed at ADC was that they’ve provided me the opportunities to work in the type of architecture job I’m interested in, which is residential. I like that houses are very intimate, and there are a lot of elements to consider because of that, which is why it’s a field I wanted to get into. And ADC is known for having some of the best residential architects in the industry.” 

– Hector Ruvalcaba, Project Manager, ADC

Another opportunity that Hector said you can enjoy, no matter your experience level, is sharing knowledge with your peers and learning from them, which is key to growing.

“We’re an extremely collaborative group, and you’ll always be learning from others and sharing your knowledge. It’s really important for us to always be available to younger staff for questions, and that’s probably one of my favorite things about working here – we love it when you ask questions! I think that one of my superpowers is making sure that knowledge gets passed down to the younger staff.” 

– Hector Ruvalcaba, Project Manager, ADC

But Hector also elaborated on the personal growth you will be able to enjoy within the company as a father of two who has been able to strike a great work-life balance, which is a great benefit you could enjoy at ADC, too.

“Right now, work-life balance is invaluable being a father of two. My little one just started tee-ball. And I have plenty of time to be involved in his league thanks to the flexible work schedule as a parent volunteer. I do a little bit of everything in the league, including coaching. It’s important to me to be a community leader and set that example for my family, and ADC has helped me to become a leader at work and in my community.” 

– Hector Ruvalcaba, Project Manager, ADC

Marie Delwiche, Senior Designer 

Marie Delwiche has been with ADC for nine years, since our humble (but auspicious) beginnings. She’s grown professionally and personally alongside our company and is a shining example of how you can grow your architecture career at our company. 

Marie started at the company as a Designer and worked her way up to become a Senior Designer. Before working here, she was working in a field she didn’t want to work in and wanted something that enabled her to be more creative.

Anxious to find a new job, a friend from college who worked at ADC told her about her experience here. She was interested in doing residential work, so it was a match made in heaven. ADC was only her second job after college, and she’s been with us ever since. 

When she started, ADC was a six months old, one-room operation with a black shag carpet and cardboard boxes as part of our desks and very much like a start-up. Along the way, she gained experience that aligned with her passion to build her dream career.

When asked what you can expect at ADC that’s different, Marie said that you won’t find many employers that are this flexible and have a high growth mindset to ensure you are constantly moving forward, reaching your professional goals, and setting new ones.  

“The reason I’m still here is because it’s a fun environment, a great company culture, and my bosses have allowed me to grow into the position that I want to be in. So they’ve given me the opportunities to work on projects I’m passionate about. I started as a designer, but they gave me the opportunity to grow into my current title and position, which is Senior Designer. Now, I talk to clients and carry projects through the design phase, and I can design site plans and buildings and elevations when that goes well. The main reason here is I like the work, and I’ve been able to grow in my career into a position that I enjoy nine years later.” 

– Marie Delwiche, Senior Designer, ADC

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