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As architects, we understand that the designs and structures we bring to life are how we serve the world. But not every architecture firm provides you with the opportunities or environment to let inspiration take hold, facilitate creativity, and drive innovative designs. At Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), however, things are a little different. We aren’t another stuffy architecture firm. As our design projects show you, we don’t just encourage you to let your creativity flow; we make it a requirement.

Since 2014, we have been a nationally ranked architecture firm providing the entire country with innovative designs. Explore some of our stand-out projects to see the kind of work you will do at ADC and how we empower you to leave your mark on the world.

 Discover Some of Our Design Projects in Your City!

At ADC, we have had the privilege of touching all corners of the United States with our designs and structures! From Arizona to Hawaii to California, here are examples of our design projects and the gratifying work you will do as an architect here.

The Sun

A shining example of the unique experience you will enjoy when working on one of our design projects is The Sun in Arizona. 

This project was a complete $36 million mall renovation where we revamped the interior and exterior, enhancing every component that visitors see and every component that tenants, such as people doing building maintenance, interact with daily.

In doing so, we made a real and lasting impact on the community, which is part of what makes architecture so fulfilling. On the ADC team, you have the chance to shape the world and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

“This project was the most fun for me. It was really an amazing experience to see how everyone involved was prioritizing the community. It was inspiring to really work on designing and creating a space to support the community was a beautiful thing, and it’s awesome seeing how it continues to serve those people. That’s something special you’ll enjoy about working at ADC. It’s that mentality that makes us one of the best architecture firms in Southern California.”

– Sorlanda Noron Velez, Senior Project Manager, ADC

We provided better flooring, better wall paint, and new handrails. We basically provided new everything to make it more durable to the public where they would touch it so everyone who goes to the mall experiences a refreshed space.

The Honolulu Office Tower

The Honolulu Office Tower is a commercial project that serves as a great example of the creative opportunities you will have when working on our design projects.

While we may have designed this structure for a tropical paradise, the process was anything but a summer getaway! The pressure was on from the client, but inspiration was abundant as we worked together to design and render it in just a weekend.

We proposed this 350 ft tower to a medical group for their new corporate location in a prominent cityscape. The building mostly serves as medical office suites, with the lower portion of the structure housing street retail shops and amenities.

This structure includes rooftop restaurants and lounges with stunning ocean views that guests enjoy while working, waiting for appointments, or stopping by for leisure. Like the breath of fresh air you enjoy from the rooftop, this tower offers the same to our portfolio!

The Celeste

The Celeste is a project that we recently finished and provides a window into the residential opportunities you will enjoy when designing design projects at our firm.

This 225-unit multi-family construction is in Davis, California, for the Michaels Organization and consists of studio and one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments across three separate three- and four-story residential buildings on a 7.2-acre site.

We included several indoor and outdoor amenities, like a community room, fitness center, clubhouse, pool area, solar panels for renewable energy, and a dog walk area. With residential projects, you can make a huge difference in people’s day-to-day lives!

“The Celeste was a lot of fun for everyone involved because we delivered the same luxury and enjoyment that the residents would experience on a vacation to their daily lives. We packed these structures with a ton of amenities, like a fitness center, yoga studio, outdoor pool and spa, meeting rooms, work pods, a pet spa, rentable private dining areas, co-work spaces, and an array of outdoor spaces designed to establish a sense of community. We wanted every day to feel like a vacation for the residents. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we have some of the best residential architects in the game on our team.”

– Hector Ruvalcaba, The Celeste Project Manager, ADC

These buildings are close to the prestigious University of California, Davis, and serve as home to many locals and oncoming students, helping them create memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives during this exciting life chapter.

This project also exemplifies the collaboration with the entire design team that we value at ADC because it is what helped us bring such an inspiring project to life while serving the surrounding community with essential housing.

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You deserve to work in an environment that empowers you to do the work you always dreamed of when you first became an architect. And when you work on ADC’s architectural structures alongside creative, interesting, and like-minded individuals, you will feel that sense of fulfillment. Visit our Portfolio Projects page to browse more projects!