Why You’ll Love Your Architecture Career at ADC: Employee Testimonials

A person with more experience helping someone with less experience and giving their input, which is one example of how you can grow your architecture career at ADC.

A fulfilling architecture career is a delicate structure that requires a balanced blueprint and design. This structure should include a healthy work-life balance and plenty of growth opportunities to stand the test of time. Without these three components existing in harmony, the inspiration you need to do work you’re proud of can feel elusive. When you work at Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), you will work in an environment with a great work-life balance and plenty of growth opportunities so your creativity can flourish. You will build a career that is a monument to your skill and passion and not a castle made of sand.

At ADC, we have been a nationally ranked architecture firm in Southern California since 2014 with a reputation for innovative designs and a leading culture. Get a taste of what it’s like to work at ADC in our blog!

Why You’ll Love Your Architecture Career at ADC

Our people love working at ADC for two primary reasons: the work-life balance and growth opportunities we provide. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s get into it’s like working at ADC from the people behind the blueprint!

Work/Life Balance

We understand you do your best work when your home and work life are in harmony. It’s like designing a building: there must be a balance, or the structure will collapse. You can rest assured that you will enjoy a great work-life balance at ADC.

We value your personal and family time and offer a flexible schedule to accommodate these needs. More importantly, however, we understand that a good work-life balance varies from person to person, and what this means to you can also vary from month to month.

Some days, you might want to work 12 or 10 hours. On other days, you might feel like you can only work 6 hours due to personal commitments. We provide flexibility to cater to your unique needs as you grow your architecture career.

“We have a hybrid office culture where you will work three days in the office and two days out of the office. While deadlines can dictate when you need to be in the office sometimes, it really comes down to you and what your work-life balance needs to look like. We create an environment where you can come, feel comfortable, and let inspiration take hold to do your best creative work.”

– Craig Chinn, President, ADC

Maybe you have a doctor’s appointment or want to take a vacation, or maybe you are a parent who wants to coach their child’s little league team or take them to school in the morning. We support our team in being leaders at home and on the job.

We won’t push or pressure you. Collaboration is vital to our company culture, and we collaborate on all projects. You can step away without stressing about work because you can count on your team to keep the project progressing.

“Our management team is great. They help set expectations and deadlines, so we’re not overworked. At a lot of other firms, you’re working crazy hours, and I haven’t had to do that here, so I still have a great work-life balance. They also give us plenty of time to unwind and have fun with parties and happy hours.”

– Shea Hernandez, Job Captain, ADC

Growth and Experience

You deserve to work at a firm that nurtures growth in your architecture career by providing the experience and opportunities you need to develop. At ADC, you will collaborate closely with a team with a vast array of experience and skill levels and share ideas. 

Collaboration is a huge component of our culture, and it’s a huge aspect of working here that enables you to grow. Whether it’s working with the president, Job Captains, or recent graduates, these collaborative moments are vital learning opportunities to ask questions.

We believe your team is your biggest resource and everyone has unique experiences and perspectives to learn from. You will work in an office with an open layout that promotes cross-communication and the exchange of ideas.

Plus, we have created a learning culture, which is essential to thrive in architecture. This keeps work interesting and is one reason architecture is a great career. You will never stop learning or honing your craft at ADC.

“We always try to find new ways to do things and drive innovation. For example, a field like retail is incredibly dynamic and constantly changing. We create physical spaces for people to go and experience, engage, and spend time with their families and friends. We always monitor market changes and look for new and innovative ways to deliver the best experience to customers.”

– Ryan McAndrew, Design Director, ADC

Still, the best way to grow, find your passion, and determine how you want to shape your architecture career is by getting diverse, hands-on experience.

“I think the most important aspect of growing is getting the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects and experience a lot of different aspects of working in a firm, whether it’s opportunities to work on the creative side, the technical side, or working with clients. Here, you won’t get pigeonholed into one thing or get typecast. We don’t put limitations on people. We give them a chance to try new things and discover what they’re good at. Oftentimes, you’ll find your strengths lie in things you didn’t realize you were good at.”

– Ryan McAndrew, Design Director, ADC

Find the Architecture Career of Your Dreams at ADC!

You deserve to work at a firm that offers a work-life balance that keeps you fresh and eager to come to work every day to take on new challenges and opportunities for growth. Are you ready to construct the architecture career of your dreams? You’ve come to the right place!

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