Architecture Design Collaborative’s Jobs in Architecture and Design

What drew you to the field of architecture in the first place? Was it stuffy, corporate office settings, or the opportunities to use your creativity to make an impact in the world through design? If it’s the latter,  you came to the right place. When browsing open jobs in architecture and design, you deserve to work at a company full of interesting, innovative people who love doing what they do where you have a voice the moment you step through the doors. Luckily, at Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), that’s precisely what you get. 

Since 2014, Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) has been a nationally ranked architecture and design company serving Southern California with innovative designs. Explore our open positions to join our team! 

ADC’s Open Jobs in Architecture and Design

At ADC, we have several open positions. Whether you are interested in establishing the blueprint for your career or continuing to build on your career and grow, we have opportunities for you! 

Entry-Level Junior Jobs in Architecture and Design

When you work as an entry-level junior architect at ADC, you join a modern, fulfilling work environment that nurtures and celebrates your creativity. We offer a wide range of opportunities to help you lay the foundation of your dream architecture career. 

Ready to get your hands dirty and finally start producing something real? Let’s get into some of the junior architect job opportunities we offer.


We offer an internship program for a fun, challenging stepping stone into your dream architecture career. 

Do you want to gain valuable experience that will distinguish you from other post-graduates at a nationally-ranked architecture firm that specializes in retail and residential projects? This is your opportunity! 

If you are a 3rd or 4th-year student who is adept at new software programs and wants to work in a creative environment, submit an application to join our team 

Designer (Architectural Support I & II) 

We are searching for entry-level designers to support our project team in a wide range of project-specific tasks. At ADC, you won’t get pigeonholed in an industry or type of architecture job and will work on projects in all phases, from initial designs to construction. 

Are you accurate, detail-oriented, and able to research and learn codes and ordinances? Can you collaborate effectively with teams, communicate, meet deadlines, coordinate between drawings, and follow redline comments throughout?

If you possess exceptional time management, graphical skills, an understanding of how you impact design schedules and budgets, the ability to work under the direction of a supervisor, and a desire to drive innovative designs, we’d love to hear from you! 

“For postgraduates who join ADC, you’ll get to work in all different types of architecture, from retail to residential. So you get experience in several different areas. Plus, you’ll work on creative and technical aspects of projects and be a part of the brainstorming sessions where the team gets together and discusses new ideas and better ways to do things. Your voice matters as soon as you join the team, and that’s an important distinction of working at ADC.”

– Ryan McAndrew, Design Director, ADC

Mid and Senior-Level Jobs in Architecture and Design

Maybe you’ve already started your architecture career but are feeling like your current or previous firm didn’t give you the creative opportunities you wanted. 

At ADC, our mid and senior-level jobs in architecture and design allow you to shape your architecture career and be as creative as you’ve always dreamed of being. With us, your creativity is the currency for opportunities and growth, not connections and seniority.  

Job Captain (Job Captain I, II, Senior Job Captian)

Are you an emerging, experienced professional with a growth mindset who’s looking for a fast-paced work environment? Are you proactive, responsive, eager to learn, and highly motivated with boundless creativity? As a job captain, you’ll be a thinker and a doer.

You will enjoy longevity to advance your career within the firm and the chance to mentor colleagues. As Job Captain, you work on a variety of clients and serve as the primary point of contact throughout all phases of multiple projects project while overseeing quality. 

Senior Designer

Do you see architecture as an opportunity to solve complex design processes while driving construction innovation and redefining limits and boundaries? 

If you are creative, proactive, highly motivated, and able to mentor junior staff, joining ADC as a Senior Designer could be your next architecture job! As a Senior Designer, you will manage projects and lead and direct others while sticking to budgets and schedules.

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are required, and you must be able to plan and design layouts for buildings, interiors, and the exterior scope of the work. As the lead designer, you will initiate design concepts and guide development. 

If you see creativity and imagination as your secret weapons as an architect, working as a Senior Designer could be the perfect position!

Project Manager

We are seeking a leader and mentor to join our team as a Project Manager (PM). As a PM, you will work behind the scenes to make sure projects go smoothly and are successful.

Are you great at communicating, teaching, and multi-tasking  If you can effectively manage and oversee a project from beginning to end, you could be a great fit. As a PM, you will lead project teams and ensure that they are fulfilling client requirements and demands.  

Are You Looking for Jobs in Architecture and Design that Allow You to Be as Creative as You’ve Always Dreamed of? Join Our Team!

No matter what stage of your career you are in, at ADC, we have jobs in architecture and design open that will provide you with opportunities that will leave you feeling fulfilled. If you want to work at a firm that makes you feel like your voice matters and your work makes a difference, we are the place for you. Explore open architect jobs at ADC today!