Types of Architecture Jobs for California Graduates

Whether you’re bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and fresh out of architectural school with a Bachelor’s Degree or a more seasoned architect who just obtained your Master’s Degree, looking for a job can be more than just a drag; it can be downright intimidating. There are countless different types of architecture jobs for California graduates to choose from. Ultimately, what matters most is the firm you work at. You deserve a firm that gives you the freedom to be as creative as you always dreamed of being when you first became an architect, gives you a voice the minute you walk through the door, and will give you the tools and experience to create your dream career. At Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), that’s what you get. 

Since 2014, ADC has been nationally ranked and serving Southern California with innovative designs while helping graduates build inspiring, fulfilling careers. We especially encourage graduates from our founder Craig Chinn’s alma mater, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, to apply. Here are the jobs available for recent grads. 

Types of Architecture Jobs for California Graduates

Essentially, there are two types of architecture jobs for California grads—entry-level and mid-level. At ADC, both come with competitive pay and benefits and a modern, fulfilling work environment. Here’s what to know about both types of jobs. 

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Entry-Level Junior Architect Jobs

Are you fresh out of school and eager to get your hands dirty, start earning money, and do meaningful work? If so, entry-level junior architect positions are the types of architecture jobs for California graduates for you! At ADC, we provide a safe space and hub where creativity and innovation aren’t just encouraged—they’re required and celebrated

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Summer Internships

A summer internship is an excellent opportunity to gain experience that will pay dividends after you graduate. This program is an excellent opportunity to put what you learned into practice and start mapping out the blueprint to achieve your sky-high college aspirations! 

In an internship, you can get hands-on experience in a welcoming and inspiring environment with like-minded creatives who will help you hone your craft. 

“One of the best things about taking an internship is that you work with established architects. Students don’t realize how different working at a firm can be from going to school, and this helps make it easier for them to get acclimated to that environment and pace of work. Plus, everyone here has a lot of diverse experience and loves teaching. It’s like they say: iron sharpens iron. When applying for your first full-time architecture gig, you can walk into any firm fully prepared for the challenge with an internship under your belt.”

Sophie Johnson, Designer, ADC

This fun and challenging summer program is a great opportunity for students to work at a fast-paced, growing, nationally-ranked Architecture Firm specializing in retail and residential projects. You will assist architects in all phases of a project.

Designers (Architectural Support I & II)

If you already have some experience and are ready to start building the architecture career you’ve always dreamed of, applying for a designer role is a great option. 

With these types of architecture jobs for California graduates, you will support your team members on residential and commercial projects. From initial designs to overseeing construction, you will impact every phase of a project.

Ready to finally break ground on building the architecture career of your dreams? Skip the red tape and hoops other firms make you navigate and jump through. Applying for a Designer role at ADC could be perfect for you! 

Mid-Level Architectural Designer

If you have already laid the groundwork and foundation for your architecture career with entry-level experience, such as participation in an internship program, then becoming a mid-level designer will give you the tools and support you need to start designing and constructing your dream job. 

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Job Captain

Are you an architect who has already started paying your dues? Would you fancy yourself an emerging professional? Becoming a job captain at ADC is a great opportunity to enter a fast-paced environment and enjoy countless growing opportunities. 

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Senior Designer

Maybe you’re a different kind of graduate. If you have recently completed a Master’s program or gained considerable hands-on experience while in school, we would love to have you join the ADC team as a senior designer! 

We give you the freedom to be creative, solve problems on your own, initiate design concepts, lead design development, and make a genuine difference in the professional and personal lives of junior staff by serving as a mentor. 

If you look at the world and see it as a blank canvas waiting for your designs to be built upon it, then apply for a senior designer position today. 

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Project Manager

Now, perhaps your zone of genius lies in facilitating productivity. Maybe you are better at overseeing the work of others and want to be the glue that holds the team together. 

Well, if you are a natural-born leader who can take control of situations, we’d love to bring you on board as a leader and mentor. If you excel at serving as the blueprint that guides your team and keeps them on track, then we would love you to join the ADC family! 

Are You Looking for the Types of Architecture Jobs for California Graduates That You’ll Fall in Love With? Apply to ADC Today!

Clearly, there are several types of architecture jobs for California graduates. You deserve to work at an architecture firm that positions you for success, nurtures your growth and creativity, and gives you the conditions you need to blossom. And that’s the ADC experience! We have plenty of California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo graduates on our team, and we’d love to have more because that’s our Alma Mater. So Cal Poly SLO people – please don’t be shy.

Visit our Architecture Jobs page to apply today to join our team! 

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