ADC All-Stars: Meet Corey DeManty, Principal

A picture of Corey DeManty, a principal at ADC who has been with the company from the beginning!

Whether you are fresh out of college or a seasoned architect, you deserve to work at an architecture firm where imagination is endless. Here, you have the opportunity to be as creative as you’ve always dreamed of being as an architect or designer and to do work you’re passionate about. These opportunities at big, stuffy firms are few and far between. Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC), we provide plenty of opportunities to fall in love with the work you do!

Since 2014, ADC has been a nationally ranked architecture firm that serves Southern California with innovative designs, which is only possible because of the team we have. Read the second installment in our ADC All-Stars series to meet Corey DeManty!

ADC All-Stars: Meet a Principal Corey DeManty!

Corey DeManty, a principal at ADC, studied at Long Beach State. Before working at ADC, he worked at larger firms, and this experience gave him an appreciation for how nimble our company is.

Corey lives his life by the famous Malcolm Gladwell quote, “Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.”

Corey says architecture fits his personality, and he loves the idea of designing and building structures that add value to the community. Since he was a child, he knew architecture was what he was put on this earth to do, and he believes architecture is a great career for him because it keeps him young.

“Growing up, I always liked getting box sets of things you put together, and architecture gives me the same joy I felt when I was a kid. I was a Lego kid, so from a young age, I was building and getting creative. That’s part of where the passion came from. From providing the designs and instructions to visiting job sites, it’s difficult to articulate the joy you feel when it all comes together.”

– Corey DeManty, Principal, ADC

Corey spends his free time working with Habitat for Humanity, Fundraising for the YMCA, camping with his kids, watching Formula One, mountain biking, snowboarding, listening to Pearl Jam, crushing solitaire, or playing with his dogs, Yuki, Isabella, and Bella.

What Corey Loves About the ADC Culture

Corey DeManty has been with the ADC team since the beginning of 2014. He worked with Craig Chinn, ADC President and Founder, at another firm before Craig left to start ADC.

After learning Craig’s vision, Corey knew ADC was where he wanted to take his career. Craig offered Corey the exciting opportunity to run the residential side of the business while Craig focused on the retail side.

“When I joined ADC, it was a new challenge for me, and I embraced it. I’d always been on the boards drafting and getting the work done, and here, I go out and find clients, bring clients in, and manage clients and staff. I’ve loved growing and learning in this role, and I think we do a good job of tapping into people’s zone of genius to advance their architecture career, even when they don’t know what it is.”

– Corey DeManty, Principal, ADC

One of Corey’s favorite aspects of working at ADC is that he’s still learning every day. When managing staff, he loves giving people opportunities to learn and grow in all areas of architecture.

“If a person wants to work on an eight-story building, we can find an opportunity for them. If a person has a passion for affordable housing and providing housing for the formerly homeless, we have projects they can work on in that field. I love helping people work on projects they’re passionate about and nurturing growth. It’s one of the most rewarding things about my role. Here, you’re not stuck doing one thing. You’ll have the chance to find your passion.”

– Corey DeManty, Principal, ADC

Corey also loves the environment at ADC. He values that it’s fun and appreciates that the culture in the office is built on friendships and personal relationships because that enables him and his team to work together, trust one another, and work toward the same goals.

He believes that these deep and real personal connections are what make ADC a hub of collaboration and innovation and one of the best architecture firms in Southern California. He’s even known some of our staff members for 25 years! Part of building these relationships, he says, are the activities we do together.

We do several team-building activities throughout the year, and Corey personally attests to how fun they are and how close they bring the team together, from deep sea fishing trips to our annual Residential Team vs. Commercial Team bowling competition!

“We do an annual bowling competition, and this year, the residential team put together shirts at the last minute. I think the team name was Phony Baloney, and we beat the retail team, so we have the trophy back here for a year. And, obviously, bragging rights. We’re a fun company with great personalities in the office, and I have a lot of friends here.”

– Corey DeManty, Principal, ADC

Corey believes that when you love what you do and who you work with, work doesn’t feel like work at all. This company culture and atmosphere are key to creativity and good work. Corey thinks that what sets ADC apart is the passion and rapport our team possesses.

Because it’s such an open environment, everyone is encouraged to chat openly, work through problems together, share ideas, and give each other a hard time. Because that’s what families do. And at ADC, we have architected a company that feels more like family!

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