ADC All-Stars: Tuong Ha, Project Manager

Are you looking for a work environment where you can build the career you’ve always dreamed of as an architect? Do you want to work at a firm that empowers you to learn, grow, and do meaningful work? If so, Architecture Design Collaborative (ADC) is the place for you! No matter where you are in your career, it’s never too late to revisit the blueprint you used when building it, and at ADC, we believe you deserve to architect the future of your dreams, in and out of the office. It’s never too late for a fresh start. 

Since 2014, ADC has been a nationally ranked architecture firm that serves Southern California with innovative designs, which is only possible because of our team. Read the next installment in our ADC All-Stars series to meet Tuong Ha, a project manager and recent addition who’s made an immediate impact! 

ADC All-Stars: Tuong Ha, Project Manager!

Tuong Ha is an invaluable member of the ADC team who facilitates projects and keeps them on track. And that is a skill that extends beyond his professional life. An SDSU alum, Tuong speaks Vietnamese and worked at several firms before finding a fit with ADC. 

When he’s not designing and overseeing projects, he’s doing the same thing at home because he just bought a house. He says he’s spending much of his free time fixing up his house, and he just installed solar panels for renewable energy. 

“I’m building a shed for my wife to use as her home office. This process has been fun because it’s like working on a project at the office. My wife wants the project to move a little faster, but we have the bones of the house. You could say she’s been my toughest customer. There are a lot of little things I can do around the house, including design and focusing on the mechanics of things, so it’s been a pretty fun project.”

– Tuong Ha, Project Manager, ADC

Tuong says his house currently has four posts and a roof, and they are working on enclosing it. He has a lot of friends who are always working on their house, so it has become a hobby that he shares with them. 

“As an architect, I’m always trying to improve things. I love that. Maybe it’s a little noisy and disruptive at times, but it’s really fun and kind of encapsulates everything I love about working in this field. Architecture is a good career because you’re always tinkering on things and trying to improve them, which makes it endlessly fulfilling.”

– Tuong Ha, Project Manager, ADC

Tuong enjoys working on innovative designs and collaborating on complex projects. He loves that every project is unique and there are endless details to draw and adapt, which, in his opinion, is the difference between a good product and an extraordinary one. 

“Tuong told you about his home project? Yeah, he’s excited about that. It’s cool to talk to him about it. It’s infectious. It showcases his passion for what he does, and that’s what makes him so great at his job. It’s good to have people on the team who truly love the work we do because it produces better results.”

Craig Chinn, Founder, ADC

In the end, he says what he loves about working in this field is figuring out how to design and construct buildings and ensuring all the different parts that go into it are compatible.

What Tuong Loves About the ADC Culture

Tuong may be a new addition to the ADC team, but he is already making a difference. He joined the company in July 2023 and says he really likes everybody on the team. It’s a really fun and laid-back environment. 

Still, Tuong hit the ground running and embraced the new responsibilities that come with the role since he’s never been a project manager before. He’s already taken over several projects and seen them to completion. As for his favorite project?

“I don’t know if calling it my favorite would be fair, but it’s the most interesting. We’re doing a shell project. It’s going to be a harbor freight, but we’re just building the shell, and it’s against a tilt-up building. So it’s interesting to see how it all goes together. I love making sure all the elements are in harmony.”

– Tuong Ha, Project Manager, ADC

What he has enjoyed the most working as a project manager thus far has been that there’s never a dull moment. His role encompasses several other roles. 

“There was a little bit of a learning curve, but it’s been great. I basically facilitate work and bring projects to fruition. For example, on that harbor freight project, I’m directing the staff during the design portion. As the project progresses, I detail the technical aspects. Other people will do the drawing and designing, and I get to mentor them. It’s been a super rewarding experience helping people advance their architecture career.

– Tuong Ha, Project Manager, ADC

As he describes it, he guides a project and is a conduit for the owner’s and client’s wishes. Even to the end, when it gets to construction, Tuong says he gets to manage the contractor, the owner, and the ADC team. 

He likes that there are a lot of moving parts and he gets to play an instrumental role in the entire lifecycle of a project, and he loves the technical aspect of his role. 

“Today, for example, we were in our construction meeting and talking about how they built a building up from the block wall. So, they start with one layer and keep moving up. They’ll go for four feet, and then another eight feet, and then another 12 feet. They go in stages and work on one part first before moving to the next. That technical stuff really fascinates me in the field. And there are always new technical aspects for me to learn.”

– Tuong Ha, Project Manager, ADC

Still, as a licensed architect, he has a deep understanding of local and California codes, and this experience has been a true asset. Since joining our team, Tuong says that he has been amazed at the trajectory of our firm, and even though we just celebrated our ten-year anniversary, he’s thrilled to see what the next ten years will be. 

“It’s been really amazing to see how the firm is growing exponentially, and it’s only going to get bigger. The name will become a lot more familiar. We already have a portfolio of architectural success all over. It’s awesome to go out and see the projects we’ve completed. It feels like you never know when you’ll discover one of ADC’s design projects in your city. It gives me a really profound sense of satisfaction.”

– Tuong Ha, Project Manager, ADC

If he had to pick one word to describe our company culture with, he says it’s tough, but he’d say that it’s fun and that the team he’s worked with has made work feel less like a job and more like pursuing your passion.

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